Ideas create a solid foundation for the future.

The demands made on the prototype construction segment are extremely diverse, complex and require a flexible action and reaction.

With our mixture of in-house production, just-in-time solutions and other services we can fulfil your requirements with a fair and competitive price/performance ratio.

Accepting challenges, shaping the future

All precision work under one roof

As a future-oriented service-provider and with our 2100 m² of production area we are competent to offer solutions for constructing your idea.

  • Prototypes

  • Components

  • Assemblies

  • Products


    We offer

    • effective data exchange of customised data in real time
    • greater flexibility of production and assembly of prototypes
    • cross-linking and anticipatory coordination of all the necessary partners/suppliers

    Prompt delivery

    • flexible, real time production planning and coordination
    • monitoring your prototypes at any stage of the production process
    • flexible and appropriate selection of either in-house or external production thanks to cross-linked functions and transparent production processes
    • reliable and punctual processing

    Industry experience

    • testing and analysis technology
    • adaptive technology (3D printing)
    • sorting segment
    • medical technology
    • optical instruments
    • aerospace technology
    • marine technology
    • cigarette industry
    • automobile industry

    Project planning

    Individual machines and small-scale production

    • production-orientated optimisation
    • from prototypes to series production
    • function control