Precision right down to the finest detail.

We supply the highest quality which we can guarantee thanks to the extensive production experience of our staff and their greatest possible planning and realisation competence.

Our qualified team has the highest degree of quality awareness and works in accordance with strict quality standards.


Quality features

  • certified in accordance with DIN EN ISO 9001:2015
  • measurements taken in an air-conditioned measuring room
  • commissioned measuring
  • rolling check from Module 0.2 to Module 2 with 1µm measuring accuracy
  • compilation of certificates in accordance with DIN EN ISO 10204

Quality control

Sustainable success for our customers.

Continual investment in our valued employees and our machinery present one requirement for our quality claim.


Keeping pace with the times.

We work extremely fast, thanks to

  • continual in-house and external advanced education and training facilities
  • modern production methods
  • highest production competence
  • state-of-the-art equipment and systems
  • needs-based in-house production
  • transparent processes
  • complete retraceability

This makes all the difference.

  • full-service order processing „all under one roof“
  • decades of business experience in various sectors of the industry
  • thorough interdisciplinary know-how
  • qualified management
  • multi-faceted team of experts
  • top-class technical buying facilities